Can you find Canada's Next top Website?

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June 22, 2006



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Welcome to Canada's Next Top Website!

This webquest is designed to help you understand what makes a website GOOD and what makes a website BAD. I am the host and one of your guides for this competition. Let me introduce you to the other guides that will be helping you along in this quest for "Canada's Next Top Website"

Miss J.

Jay Manuel

Nigel Barker


All of these judges will help you learn what makes a "Top Website"

Are you ready? Your task will be to find 10-12 websites that will be in the competition to be "Canada's Next Top Website". Through the 5 steps you will eliminate websites that do not fit the criteria of a GOOD website. At the end, you will hand in your worksheet outlining the winner and the process by which you came to this decision.

An OVERVIEW to help you understand what to do!



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