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June 21, 2006



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Step 4


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A GOOD Website should always have a "Last updated" somewhere on their pages. If you look in the top right hand corner of this website you will see the last time it was updated. Is it recent? Is it from last year? lt is important for websites to be updated frequently and to have the most current information possible. This is VERY IMPORTANT for science websites or technology websites, or websites about things that are constantly changing. For other kinds of websites, it is not that important, for example, a Shakespeare website does not need to be updated that frequently. Not that much has changed about Shakespeare and his plays in the last 400 years.

This is still an important thing to consider when looking for "Canada's Next top Website". Sometimes the "Last updated" is hidden away on the page and you need to hunt for it. A lot of times it is down near the bottom the page and in very small writing. It is not 'designed' to attract a lot of attention. But be sure to try and find it for all your canditates. Take a look at the last updated date and see what kind of website is it. Should it be newer? Does it feel like NO ONE has looked at this site in years? Does it look brand new? Some important things to consider regarding CURRENCY:

  • When was the information last updated?
  • For some subjects [i.e. Science topics] you will require the most current information.
  • Have any changes occurred in this field of study?

The next competition is to go through your candidates and to look at all their last updated. If they are new, or have been recently updated, they are more useful than if they are stale or have never been updated. Go through and eliminate any of the really old and poorly updated websites.

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