Can you find Canada's Next top Website?

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June 23, 2006



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Welcome to Canada's Next Top Website!

My name is Miss J. and I'll be one of your guides through this webquest to help you find "Canada's Next Top Website"!

Finding "Canada's Next top Website" is a lot like finding "Canada's Next top Model". There are many different criteria to look at and it is always a comparison where you need to eliminate websites from the running. As you can see on the left, we have broken this search down into a series of steps. I will help you understand what makes a website good, bad and GREAT!

Please follow the steps all the way through and do not skip any steps. Each step is made up of a mini-competition between the sites you have picked to be in the running for the title of "Canada's Next Top Website!"

This webquest is designed to work with whatever subject you are currently studying. So, if you are in English, then you can find Canada's Next Top Shakespeare Website. Or if you are in Social Studies, then you can find Canada's Next Top First Nations Website. The options are open to you and this quest will help you find good resources and also teach you how to distinguish between useful, trustworthy websites from biased, un-reliable websites.

This is in many ways similiar to the ways that the popular tv show, "Canada's Next top Model" in that we look at all the aspects of a website to see what makes them good. The best looking website is not the top website! The top website is the one with the BEST AND MOST TRUSTWORTHY INFORMATION!

Your first task is to go to the START of the webquest.

Good luck!


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