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June 22, 2006



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Here we go! The start of this webquest to find "Canada's Next top Website" is to refine your subject area. What subject are you researching? Is it:

  • Shakespeare?
  • Math Personalities?
  • Louis Riel?
  • 20th Century Disasters?
  • Famous Novels?

These are just some examples. You need to come up with your own topic. Talk with your teacher, make sure that your topic is specific enough so that you can scour the internet looking for "Canada's Next Top (YOUR TOPIC) Website". I have come up with a worksheet that you will fill out to keep track of your ideas, notes and websites. You need to collect a lot of information throughout this webquest, so its important to BE ORGANIZED!

This worksheet must be submitted at the end of this webquest.

Now that you have your topic and your worksheet. It is time to go and find some candidates for the title of "Canada's Next Top Website". This is like the audition process and its very quick and sometimes painful. You will see a lot of BAD websites and you will see some OKAY websites and you might even find a few GOOD websites. The key to this important phase is to go through as many websites as you can find and to use your "Gut" to sense whether a website might have what it takes to be the next "Top Website".

Some websites will be really slick and polished, but really only have one look. They will not stand up to the test. Others may look a little plain in the beginning, but after the competition, they will be so well-rounded, they will leave all the other websites in their dust!

The next task is for you to use the following search engines (and any others you like to use, or your teacher has given you) to find as many candidates as possible. You will want to have about 10-12 websites that will move on in the competition. They will be competiting against each other for the title of "Top Website". Use your worksheet to keep all these URLs (website addresses) and notes that will help you remember these websites and to help judge them. Remember you are the sole judge over which one becomes "Canada's Next Top Website"

Your criteria for looking for candidates is as follows:

(Remember to use your gut! Does the website "feel" useful?)

  • Good page design
  • Clear information
  • good navigation
  • an author to contact
  • recently updated
  • easy to read and find information
  • not trying to 'sell' you anything!

Now that you have a better idea what to look for here, here is what you will use to search for the candiates!

Now that you have all your candidates, its time to move onto the first competition. You will need to evaluate all the websites you've collected so far, and perhaps even eliminate on or two from your list. Are you ready? go to STEP ONE

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