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June 21, 2006



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Step 3

  Hi! For those of you who don't know me, my name is Tyra Banks! And I'm here to talk about


Can you see my expression on the picture to the right? That shows how "SHOCKED" I am. This is a very important aspect of evaluating websites. BIAS is a what the website is trying to accomplish. My Bias in this website is to try and get you to learn about websites and what makes good websites and what makes bad websites.

All websites have a BIAS. Another term for BIAS is AGENDA. These two terms talk about what the website is ultimately trying to do. Some website BIAS are easy to identify. Axe deodorant's website is all about trying to make you buy their product.

Most ".com" websites are trying to sell you something.

Their BIAS or AGENDA is to make money off you. Not to help you, or to give you information, but ONLY TO SELL YOU STUFF.

Other sites, like ".edu" and ".org" and ".gov" are NOT trying to sell you stuff and are only around on the internet to help you, give you more information or guide you to good resources. Their BIAS or Agenda is to help, not hurt.

Some sites you have to look beyond the address. Some sites look like they maybe are trying to sell you something, but really they are here to help you. Some sites look like a good help, but ultimately were only scamming you. It is important to browse through the site looking at all the pages and to make an informed decision.

  • Is the information represented from one viewpoint or does it cover many perspectives? That is does it try to give you the WHOLE PICTURE?

  • How much political language is present. Example: presents the information surrounding the Iraq war from a much different perspective than

  • Does the site have clear objectives? Does the site tell you what its aim is? What they are trying to accomplish?

  • Does it identify its target audience? Does the site talk about who it expects to be visiting this site?

  • Is the website trying to sell you something? Look at the amount of advertising present. If the page is designed more around the presentation of ads than information then it is a safe bet that the information is minimal.

NOW, you need to look through all your candidates and see which are trying sell you something, and which are here to help you. The sites that are available to help you are the websites to keep in the running for "Canada's Next Top Website".

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