Can you find Canada's Next top Website?

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June 22, 2006



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Step 5


My name is Jay Manuel and I am here to talk to you about


This is perhaps the hardest to judge and that is why it is last. You will take the longest to look through the last few candidates to see which one has the best CONTENT! A GOOD website has lots of interesting, trustworthy, current, non-biased CONTENT. The content of the site will teach you new things, it will help you find other websites that will assisst in your research. A good CONTENT website will also direct you to ways to further your research. It will have a "Works Cited", "Bibliography", "References" or "Other sites" for you to look through.

A GOOD website will also have LOTS of content. There will be pages and pages and pages of content for you to look through. You should be overwhelmed with information on the website.

Here are some useful questions to ask yourself when evaluating a website's content to see if it is valuable:

  • Does the site cover all aspects of the topic or is there limited information?
  • Does the information meet your research needs?
  • Is the information at a suitable level? Can you understand the information?
  • Are other sources cited?
  • Are there other useful links?

When you have looked at the remaining sites that you still have in the running for "Canada's Next Top Website" and evaluated their content using the questions above, there should be ONE WEBSITE THAT IS BETTER THAN THE REST.



Congratulations are in order for making it through this difficult process and for making some tough decisions. Good for you!

Now, there are just a few last tasks to finish up.



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