Can you find Canada's Next top Website?

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June 21, 2006



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Step 1


My name is Nigel Barker and I am here to help you understand the first step of evaluating websites.


Address is the URL of the website. When you type in you are typing in the address of the website. The address of a website tells us a great deal about that website and weather it is a trustworthy, or good website, or an unreliable or bad website. The important part of the address is the last three letters. So, with, ".com" is the address!

So, what kinds of address are there?

.edu is an education site (like

.org is an organization (like

.com is a commercial enterprise, company (like

A Little Bit Trustworthy
.gov is a government or government department (Like

.ca is Canada only website(like

A little bit Trustworthy
.info is for information sites, but it not very trustworthy (like

not very trustworthy
.net is for websites who wanted a .com but could not get one (like

not very trustworthy
country codes

that specify the country they are from (Example: .tv for
the country of Tuvalu, .bb for Barbados, .us for
the United States)

A little bit Trustworthy

The tag or extension of the internet address can tell you a lot about the site. Which site is better? An education site or organization is probably more reliable than a .com site.

BE CAREFUL. Not all education sites have an .edu address.

So, now your task is to go through your collection of candidates for "Canada's Next Top Website" and look closely at the address. In your worksheet, please identify what the address is and if it is "trustworthy" or not. Base your trustworthy decision by looking at the list above.

This is where you might also begin eliminating some of your websites from the competition. If one of the websites you picked as a candidate is a ".info" or a ".net" address then you might want to take them out of the competition as they are not very trustworthy.

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